Egg Freezing


Our team includes a highly skilled egg freezing expert who had been previously performed the largest number of egg freezing cycles in UK using his particular modified egg freezing technology. The 2020 Global 'Egg Freezing Service Market Business Report' shows that the egg freezing programme conducted by him and his team is considered to be one of the key players globally.

Egg freezing, also called oocyte vitrification, is an advanced method for preserving women’s fertility.  As all we know, Women’s fertility goes down when they are getting old. Especially when the age beyonds 35, the fertility drops dramatically. If the women do not want to have a baby right now and regret later in their lives, the best thing to do is to preserve their fertilities. Earlier to freezing your eggs, higher chance you will have in the future. 

Freezing eggs is the most difficult technique in the IVF field, because the eggs are the largest cells in the human body and contains a lot of water. In order to freeze eggs and preserve them properly, it needs to remove the water from inside the eggs and replace with the right amount of cryoprotectants. This process is the most difficult part in the laboratory. Without a lot of experience and correct freezing protocol, a lot ice can be formed inside the eggs. The ice is extremely detrimental to the viability of the eggs, as when we thaw them the ice will destroy the structure of the cytoplasm and damage the chromosomes. 

For the best chance of your future, choosing the right clinic for egg freezing is very important. Before you decide to go with any clinics, you must ask the same questions: 1. how many eggs have you frozen and cycles have you done in your clinic? 2. What is the results from thawed frozen eggs and how many thawing cycles have you done in your clinic? 3. How many babies have been born from thawed frozen eggs in your clinic?

Once your cycle has started, we will provide 7 days a week full support. so you can contact us anytime from anywhere.

Egg Freezing Process

The whole egg freezing treatment cycle simply includes 5 steps, and takes around 2-3 weeks to complete:

Step 1 Initial Consultation: The first step is to book your appointment for an initial consultation with one of our most experienced fertility specialists to ask all questions and learn about your fertility before making a decision.

Step 2 Fertility Check-Up: Once you decide to go ahead, you can book an appointment for check-up of your fertility. During the appointment, you will be asked for an ultrasound scan to check your pelvic anatomy, notably your ovaries and uterus. You will also be asked to do some blood tests, including hormone levels to assess your ovarian function. According to the results, our specialist will make a very personalized treatment plan for you for ovarian stimulation, to safely and effectively result in the best number of eggs to freeze for you. After this appointment our nursing team will help you to sign relevant consents as well as teach you the correct use of the prescribed medications.

Step 3 Medications: After the consents are signed and you are ready, our nursing team will tell you when to start injection of medications typically daily for two weeks. During this time, you will need to visit the clinic 3-5 times for scan and blood tests to monitor your progress and adjust your medications if necessary. When a sufficient number and size of follicles are seen by scan in your ovaries, you will then be advised to adiminister another injection, called "trigger injection" about 36 hours before egg collection is scheduled. The trigger injection causes the final maturation of your eggs as well as loosen their attached to the follicle wall, permitting easier aspiration at the egg collection.

Step 4 Egg Collection: You will be sedated for 20-30 minutes while your eggs are collected by one of our fertility specialist doctors. One or two hours later you can be accompanied home to rest and most women have no major problems to return back to normal life or work next day. We emphasise that you that you should have someone to accompany you home after egg collection.

Step 5 Egg Freezing Process: After egg collection, eggs will be cultured for a couple of hours in the laboratory before we start to freeze the mature eggs, usually 80-90% of the eggs collected. All your mature eggs will be assessed and frozen very carefully using the technique called vitrification by our skilled embryologists. After freezing your eggs will be stored under -196 degree liquid nitrogen for long term storage.

Why Us

West Fertility Clinic is a highly professional clinical associates in the field of fertility: a premier service gives you direct access to experienced and highly skilled fertility experts to make your treatment as personalised and successful as possible. We use the modern communication technologies to let you easily keep connection with us. Once you started your cycle, you can have unlimited access to our professional advice in both clinical and scientific aspects. You can reach us anytime anywhere. 

We commit to providing the top quality services to all of our patients from the beginning till the end of your treatments. The doctor you see is the highly skilled fertility expert with over 30 years’ experience in fertility; The consultant embryologist you talk with is the very experienced senior embryologist with a lot of success in the field. 

We aim to provide the best fertility services in the aspects of not only the technologies but also the customer service. We treat your suggestions or advices as the most valuable treasures to us. Anytime during your treatment or even not in the treatment, please feel free to leave your feedback or review on our google page:

Due to the Covid-19, we consult all our patients via zoom online meeting or occasionally in the Harley Street. Scans can be done at several locations on request. Theatre and laboratory processes will be performed at the premises of Fertility and Gynaecology Academy (Licensed by HFEA) located in the Wimpole Street. All treatments are carried out under the named doctor’s own license.

If you have any enquiries or want to book an appointment, please contact us via online chat, online form, or email. You can dial 02084873801 to speak to us directly. We would be very happy to assist you at any stage.